CNC Aluminum/Plastic Triple Orange Blade Conversion set - BLADE 180 CFX / 150 S / Smart

Exploiting strong design by Microheli, the CNC Aluminum/Plastic Triple Yellow Blade Conversion set is specifically designed with material strength and precise CNC tolerances, to optimize stability, durability, response and overall performance of the BLADE 180 CFX / 150 S helicopter.

Every detail of this Conversion set was scrutinized in terms of lift forces and energy consumption in-flight. The new design was based on high technical standards and aesthetic, with specialized design features for the 180 CFX 3-blade head system, such as: Main Blades, Pinion, Linkage and Spindle Shaft for optimal flight performance.

Using the 180 CFX 3-blade head system ensures not only best lift forces, but also the same energy consumption as a standard 2-blade. And yet it maintains flight time as long as a standard 2-blade, and without any damage to, or impact on, the life of electrical equipment.

More than that, with the 180 CFX 3-blade head system, you will have both a smooth flight in 2D, and an awesome flight in 3D. It can perform all maneuvers in mid-air like a standard 2-blade, and produces dynamic sound during flight at the same time.

The 180 CFX 3-blade head system is overall the best choice for pilots who aspire to build the 180-size scale helicopter. With the unique look, best feature and design, precision CNC high performance parts and more, get ready to experience the next level of the CNC Aluminum/Plastic Triple Yellow Blade Conversion set by Microheli.

Note: For optimum performance, we highly recommend use of the 36mm long tail rotor blades MH-18FX040BK with this 3-blade head.



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